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Welcome to Raccoon_City!

It's only fitting that the first post in this community be an OOC welcome and motivational letter. There are just a few basic rules in this game that I thought you all should be aware of...
Rule Number One: Treat other characters the way you would want your character to be treated. Respect them. Include them. Overall, don't completely ignore them if they try to get in on your storyline. We're all going to be friends here whether you like it or not! ... or at least civil with one another.
Rule Number Two: There is a zero tolerance rule about moding. For those of you unfamilliar with that term, it's also known as playing god with someone else's character. You're not allowed to move, speak, or otherwise impose an action upon any character unless it's ABSOLUTELY necessary OR you have the other player's permission.
Rule Number Three: When a story starts up [i.e., when we have more members], there will be a suggestion that you post for your character and interact with the others at least once a week. If a character remains dormant for a month [a total of four weeks, 28 days], on the 29th day their character will be considered open and ready for the taking. There will be, of course, special circumstances for those with specific issues. This will be taken on a case-by-case basis by claireredfield. If you have any questions/comments/concerns/complaints, please either leave a comment to this entry or contact her directly.
Rule Number Four: Overall, have fun. That's why this was created. If you don't like to have fun, well... then you're obviously in the wrong place now, aren't you?

You have stepped into the world of survival horror. . .
Good luck!

- Raccoon_City Maintenance

** Note - A name that fits your chosen character (i.e., claireredfield, leonkennedy) is REQUIRED to avoid confusion. Don't have a spare code for that purpose? We'll see what we can do to accomodate you.
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Hello. My name is Slash and I am interested in your RP.

I'd love to be Albert Wesker...He is definitely -THE- coolest chara in RE history.

And my post.

*Wesker sat upon the rooftop of the building...loading his sniper rifle, grinning. The cold steel against his hand reminded him of the good old days...when he was in charge. Now his soul belonged to someone exchange for his life. He literally got his ass dragged out of the fire..but he was no longer free. He shrugged it off and continued to load his weapon. He looked through the scope and smirked...spotting his first victim...Chris.*

I don't have an extra code that's the only problem.

Heh, anyways, I'll be in contact.
OMG! A raccon City community. I wish i new how to join these thingy's. I am so confused!Argh. I haven't been usuing Live Journal for very long. Claire Redfield is the shit! Everyone that plays the game says i look like her. I dunno thought that was pretty cool. I rellly want to join this community so let me no how!
Ooh I’d like to join. My fav characters are Leon and Steve and Claire. Though Claire + Leon are taken and I don’t like any other female members in Resi. If its OK I’ll be Steve Burnside. Though I don’t have a code. Eep I think if I’m Steve I’ll get on everyone’s nerves or something. I gotta say this is such a cool idea.
I’m also somewhat an artist if you want me to do any pics just say. My art styles include chibi, serious, cel CG, realistic CG. I am an artist of the survival horror site and non SH stuff I’ve had 2 featured images/pics on Tekken Zaibatsu some of my stuff can be found here including a DMC wallpaper + I’m working on some resi ones.
Go here and to the gallery in multimedia for my DMC stuff

My address
Lemme know.
*looks around,bit afraid,and shy,with her hands behind her back*...

( dosn't have a code, but if you could get me one, that'd be totally awesome! thanks! e-mail the code )

Well, hum..lesse..I'd love to join this community as well, and if so..could I be Carlos Oliviera? ( the U.C.B.S. para-military soldier who goes good when he finds out what Umbrella is doing ) as for a post..

Carlos Unzipped his Dufflebag,sat in the helicopter,locked himself in place , and looked around at his team mates..grinned at his friend Johnathan, thinking to himself ..

it was his first day on the job, but he'd handled the situations similar to the ones detailed on the mission sheet, since he had been in the wars of his country, and had fought the good fight, he thought he could handle it...if only they had been better informed, but he knew that he couldn't ask questions, just obey the higher ups..

Plain and simple...there was a spill in Raccoon City, making the infected violent, incoherent, and made them un-concious of their other words, the ppl infected with whatever had been spilled made them " loco " , crazy..

His Mission : To go into the city, and find any remaining survivors..since the police wasn't any help, and he'd only heard of the " S.T.A.R.S. " 's dissmissal, for their mishandling in the Spencer Estate investigations..and get them ( the survivors ) out of there, A.S.A.P.

Before leaving, he had met a man by the name of Trent, who gave him a vanilla envelope, said he was " his friend in all of this.." and that .." he'd need him in Raccoon City as an ally " Carlos thought Trent was Bat-shit..but Trent sounded cool, and he was unsure...

now, if only he WAS sure of how he felt on his first mission..he felt uneasy, full of fear, and adrenalin.." Here we go.." he thought.." no looking back "
I want to be a villian! Either Alexia or Annette. I'm perfect for an evil being.
I don't have code either but I would like to join as Kevin Ryman from RE:Outbreak

e-mail @
wow, this is great! Huge RE fan here. Wesker is obv the donkeys gonads but The villain from Code veronica is truly amazing, although i forget his name, Alex? anyway please let me know how this thing works and about a code thigy :) cheers chaps, or hit me back at my journal
awww come on let me join!
I would also like to join this cool RE community. Please fill me in on the info on how to join.
If I could join I would want to be Matt from the Resident Evil movie. The games are awesome but I love the movie too. So I think Matt would do great. It's Matthew please get me the or at my live journal...
Addison? Ha! Nice. You still around anymore?
Hey I'm Intrested! do i join?
I went to the website and I was hoping to join but the website is down. Still taking members?
Meh. Might as well. Your posts are all old, but I'm starting an RE RP, last one was very successful, so I'm landing a twist on it. Be there...or be a zombie, heh.